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Beautiful historic monumental building for sale in Curacao.

Former Quarantine building Mundo Nobo

Over the past few years, on an increasing scale, monumental buildings have been offered for sale, bought up and refurbished. As real estate professionals, we can only encourage this investment in the sustainable redevelopment of cultural heritage. In this way these impressive buildings will be preserved for the future, so that future generations can enjoy and learn from them.

Possibilities for sustainable redevelopment

For this building a redevelopment plan is available that provides for the construction of a dozen apartments. However, the building also offers potential to be redeveloped as a small hotel, for student housing or as an office building.

The zoning plan provides for both residential and commercial use, and it is permitted to split the lot into apartment rights.

Style and surface

This building has a completely different architectural style than other buildings that were built in the same time. The design is tighter and square in shape. This classicist style became increasingly popular on Curacao from the mid-nineteenth century, and this building is the first known building that was designed in this style.

It is a square building with a flat roof and three floors. At the front of the building there is another cellar whose dimensions are not known. The outside dimensions of the building are 16.15 x 25.7 = 415m2 x 3 layers is 1.245m2.

The lot is 1.770 m2 - Year 1853

The design includes a number of typical classicist construction features: the block-shaped building volume, the recessed and protruding corner blocks, the profiled cornice and the pediments above the window openings of the second building layer.

History of the property

The property that we offer for sale is generally known under the name "Succursaal Hospitaal Mundo Nobo" but also under the name "Former Quaraintaine Building Mundo Nobo".
Succulent means "outbuilding" or "branch office". As far as to check, it seems that this building has been set up as an annex of the "Quarantine Hospital Mundo Nobo".

In the distant past, it also appeared necessary on Curacao, in this case military, to treat patients with infectious diseases in a separate environment. After a military hospital was delivered in 1853 by the "Genie Departement" in a variation on a classic country house style, a so-called "succursal hospital" was completed in 1856.


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Riffort Village 502 te Willemstad, Curacao

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